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READERS' FEEDBACK: 27 October 2006

READERS' FEEDBACK: 27 October 2006

-- Disk life
-- Japanners
-- Disk compatibility
-- British parish site
-- Making copies of documents
-- Re: Family traditions

I read a thing in your latest column about disk life. I think we had better
prepare to rerecord those disks every 5 years as Dick Eastman recommends.
Whatever the medium used it will be obsolete in a few years. How many 8"
computer drives are out there? For that matter how many 5" drives are still
there. The last two computer I have bought have no 5" drives. Then there is
software to worry about. I have a bunch of disks that I recorded with
software that no longer is out there. Most software is backwards compatible
but not this new software so those disks are no longer of any value. I
suppose I could find someone who could rescue these disks but I'm sure I
could not afford to do so. We must face up to the fact that the technology
is changing so fast we may have to run pretty fast to keep up with it.

PS. I'm 90 years old so I have seen a lot of technology changes in my

From: Robert Loomes MBHI
Japanners were painters & varnishers, not just of furniture, but also
metalware to make it look like enamel. Also (hence my own interest) clock
dial painters (at least twixt about 1770 and 1830) Best wishes & see our
company website if you're interested in more.

From: floyd martin

In reference to an earlier reply from a reader about MAM-A DVD gold
archival discs being not usable in most computers, I was looking just the
other day on their site and they have just now released info that the DVD+Rs
are available as well as the previously mentioned DVD-Rs which were not
compatible. I haven't tried them. Thought you may wish to check it out. I
just burned a lot of the CD gold archival and would have used DVDs but -R
was all that was available when I ordered.

NOTE FROM MYRT: How about an external hard drive, with USB connection?


Re: Locating all by a surname in a certain parish

Thank you for [article about] the Hugh Wallis site. I have been cleaning up
my family file with the REAL DEAL extracted dates. I love your helpful

From: Margaret LaGue-Hobler
Re: making copies rather than transcribing on the spot
My research is done at the Allen County Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana,
considered the 2nd best genealogical library (after the Mormons). They have
excellent records for the French-Canadians, I make hard copies of
everything. Usually a day's research takes 6-weeks to record, and I couldn't
accomplish much if I recorded at the library. The good part is I have a hard
copy to refer to: I have made errors in recording, and can recheck if
necessary. I am researching ALL my ancestors, because the information is
available. Sometimes later I find other information on the same page. I
wouldn't want to give up my hard copies!


From: Barbara A. H.
The entire article was beautiful and I enjoyed reading it as I do all your
postings to the DearMYRTLE RootsWeb listserv. And you are so right when you
said: "Ol' Myrt is thankful she could take this journey to support her young
grandson in 2006 not 1906, 1806 or 1706. Now, I cannot begin to imagine what
life will be for our great-great-grandchildren, but I do know someone
[probably one of yours] will someday write: "I am thankful I could take this
journey to support my young grandson in 2106 not 2006, when it took them two
days to travel from Salt Lake City to Phoenix in a vehicle that had rubber
tires, heated leather seats and burned fossil fuel, not to mention that
their only means of communication was a cell phone and that they had to
carry a plastic card to pay for the provisions. "

I agree with you, life was hard for our ancestors, but I VENTURE TO SAY they
did not feel it as much as we feel it for them. Difficulties, adversities
and discomfort are all in the eyes (or the tushes) of the beholder and
forgotten when appreciating the reward at the end of the journey.

My hope is that in 100 years my descendants appreciate the "hardships" I
lived through in order for them to have a good and rewarding life.

Regards from the Roots Hunter,
For a genealogist, hunting season is all year long.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)

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