Friday, October 27, 2006

Why PAF isn't being updated

Why PAF isn't being updated

There has been much discussion on the PAF-5 genealogy mailing list at Yahoo
among users wishing that PAF (Personal Ancestral File) would be updated to
include options available in other genealogy database programs.

This was my response:

Subject: RE: [PAF5-Yahoo!] PAF Upgrades Wanted

LDS Church Historian, Elder Marlin K. Jensen, also in charge of Family History, gave the keynote address at the October 6-7 2006 Northern Utah Family History Conference and Symposium sponsored by In the old days, PAF was the thing. He explained that when the LDS Church looked at all the genealogy things that could be done, it was decided to concentrate on the items they could do uniquely well (i.e.. digitizing microfilm & developing the new FamilySearch.) He said that there were a number of commercial genealogy entities that were doing a fine job, and that it was the Church's challenge to learn to become good neighbors with these other entities.

He spoke of the new FamilySearch [website] as needing to be easy enough for "a little old lady wearing tennis shoes in Blackfoot Idaho" to use.

Happy family tree climbing!
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