Wednesday, November 08, 2006

1837Online changes it's name

Ol' Myrt here has taken 2 days off from parent caregiving to visit a tiny cottage on Vashon Island, a short ferry ride from Seattle. I'm traveling sans laptop, but you'll never guess where I ended up on the first morning away -- at the local public library at a computer terminal. Hmmm...

Good thing I checked my email. I discovered an important bit of news: has changed it's name to "reflecting the expansion of [their] range of online records and services to both the UK and overseas markets. Originally named after the date when civil registration was introduced in England and Wales, the website has outgrown its former name. Since launching in 2003, the range of records offered has significantly expanded, with over 400 million records now dating as far back as 1664."

All vouchers (pre-paid viewing rights) at 1837online transfer automatically to the new site. In fact, if you type in it will automatically move your web browser to the new site.

Is my 1837online voucher still valid?
You will still be able to redeem any 1837online vouchers on the site. Simply visit, sign in and click on activate voucher on the left hand green menu bar.

Will anything change with my 1837online account?
As far as your account is concerned nothing will change. You will hold exactly the same account details including username and password but it will be with If you wish to contact us you will find our telephone number and new email addresses in contact us on the homepage.

Is my subscription still valid?
Your subscription still remains exactly the same and will not be changed.

LONGTIME readers of DearMYRTLE will recall it was through 1837online (now that I located several marriage and birth records for ancestors from England, ordered same online, and received them at my home in Bradenton Florida within about 2 weeks.

I LOVE the internet.

OK, now I am off to explore the west side of the island. The torrential rains have finally stopped, and the locals claim there is lots of something called "sunshine" to enjoy today.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)

Your friend in genealogy.

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