Friday, November 10, 2006

Determine what records were kept

Determine what records were kept

In response to recent articles written by Arlene Eakle, Ol' Myrt wrote the following:

THANK-YOU, Arlene, for these last two thought-provoking articles. Beginning genealogists give up too quickly and do not consider alternative source documents. The same is true when one follows a migration pattern back in time to a different locality. If records aren't kept in the older area in the same format or similar jurisdictional archive, the fledgling assumes there are no records. Indeed, when encountering ancestors in ANY locality, one must do a thorough inventory to "Determine what records were kept.."

To view Arlene's original columns, see her genealogy blog:

-- The BIG Lesson - Loss of records is not loss of ancestry
-- Irish Record Holocaust: 30 June 1922

Happy family tree climbing!
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