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GENERATIONS: A Bequest That Binds, and Divides

GENERATIONS: A Bequest That Binds, and Divides

From: Alison Pinsley
In the New York Times edition dated 11/12/06 Westchester Section, there is an article under GENERATIONS entitled "A Bequest That Binds, and Divides" which speaks of the family of a Holocaust survivor which argues about what to do with her letters. The author of the article, Ann Kirschner is the author of "Sala's Gift" (Free Press, 2006).

THANKS for the heads up, and GREAT hearing from you again. If my readers hurry TODAY to the New York Times website, they will find the full article online before it is locked in the "subscribers only" portion of the website. Here's an excerpt:

"This battle was not about money, or jewelry, or real estate. We were at odds over faded pieces of paper, a precious archive of letters and photographs that were mailed to my mother, Sala Kirschner, during her five years in Nazi slave labor camps. She had kept the secrets of these letters for nearly 50 years, breaking her silence only when she was about to undergo cardiac surgery in 1991. Until the day she gave me the letters, neither my father, a G.I. from New York who met the beautiful young survivor named Sala Garncarz soon after liberation, nor my two brothers knew any more than I did about her once large family, her experiences in the camps or the hundreds of letters that she preserved at great risk. "

The full article currently resides at:

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