Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NGS Databases open for Thanksgiving

ACROSS MY DESK: NGS Databases open for Thanksgiving

NOTE: The following is just in from the National Genealogical Society. All inquiries should be addressed to the Society at

NOTE: The servers are already swamped and it took me three tries to get the main page to load before it "timed out" so try your research at an odd time in the middle of the night.


Arlington, VA. 21 November, 2006

The National Genealogical Society opens the "Members-Only Data Section" of its Web site for the Thanksgiving Holiday!

In recognition of the number of families that will be together over the Thanksgiving Holiday, the National Genealogical Society will open its "Members-Only Section" from November 23 through November 26, 2006 free of charge.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to ask questions about your grandparents, great grandparents, and great, great grandparents. Where did they live? How long had they lived in the community? Who were their brothers and sisters? What did they do for a living? Did your ancestors immigrate to the United States in the 19th or 20th Century? What was their country of origin? Did your ancestors serve in World War I, World War II, the Civil War, the War of 1812 or the Revolutionary War? There are records about your family waiting to be discovered!

The National Genealogical Society has many resources to assist you in your family history research. . Our Members Ancestry Charts contain more than a million names, with more than 800,000 names already online. Additional names are being added monthly.

. Our Bible Collection includes more than 3,000 Bibles with more than 50,000 names online.

. Our bookstore includes popular genealogical publications, Genealogy 101, Online Roots, The Organized Family Historian, and Unlocking Your Genetic History. A great Christmas gift for the genealogist in your family.

. Members receive a quarterly NewsMagazine with articles about record sources and methodology to improve your research.

. Members receive the NGS Quarterly four times a year, a scholarly publication which includes compiled genealogies, case studies, essays on new methodologies, critical reviews of current books and previously unpublished source materials.

. An Annual Conference in the States and Family History Fair held this year on May 16-19, 2007 in Richmond, Virginia, will feature "400 Years of Virginia History" along with 150 exhibitors and over 140 lectures, workshops, luncheons and networking events.

For those ready to take the next step, check out our Learning Center where you can sign up for "Introduction to Genealogy" - an online course available at a discounted price for members. If you are an experienced family researcher, our "Home Study Course" may help take your research to the next level.

To access the NGS Members Only Section, click on and enter the username:
member and password: ngspromo in the respective textboxes when prompted for credentials. Upon successful login, please feel free to browse our website including the Members Only Section.

If you are already a NGS member, we hope that this brief open access will enable a family member to make contact with you via the National Genealogical Society and perhaps solve a missing link in your genealogical research.

Come, take a look at our website at over the Thanksgiving Weekend and consider membership in NGS.

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