Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Welsh circa 300-1500AD ancestry going online

Welsh circa 300-1500AD ancestry going online

From the BBC:

"Anyone who thinks they may be descended from big names in Welsh history will be able to go online to use a genealogy project begun almost 80 years ago. The Welsh database from 300-1500AD is based on 26 volumes by Peter Bartrum, aged 99, who started it in 1929. Family historians may be able to shed light on links to the likes of Llywelyn the Great or Owain Glyndwr.

Aberystwyth University is putting them online - but it will take three years to transfer to a computerised system. However, once completed people will be able to trace an ancestral line by searching a name online.

"Anyone who can trace their ancestry back to the 16th Century should be able to go back much further thanks to Dr Bartrum's work" said Prof Gruffydd Aled Williams.

Mr Bartrum, who is from London and has no family ties with Wales, handed his work over to the university recently. [...]"

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