Sunday, November 19, 2006

What's a Google Alert?

What's a Google Alert?

Someone wrote to inquire, "What's a Google Alert?"

If you go to and search for 'google alert' without the quote marks you'll get to the area where you can tell Google to send you an email for specific reasons throughout the day.

FIRST SPECIFY THE SEARCH TERM. In my case I have several (ancestors, ancestry, family history, genealogy).

THE EXPLAIN WHERE YOU WANT GOOGLE TO SEARCH. I choose 'comprehensive', although you could request that Google look only in specific internet collections (news, blogs, webs, groups).

THE TELL GOOGLE HOW OFTEN TO SEND THE ALERT (once a day, as it happens, once a week.)


Once you have search terms on your Google Alert list, you can edit the parameters or delete the alert entirely.

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