Monday, February 26, 2007

5-Minute Guide to Jewish genealogy research, etc.

A newbie posed questions about pre-holocaust Jewish ancestry, and I managed to delete the email before creating this response. (You know how it is, you watch yourself in SLOW MOTION do the very thing you don't really want to be doing on your computer.) May I recommend the following resources:

1. Anything written by Gary Mokotoff including but not limited to the 5-MINUTE GUIDE TO JEWISH GENEALOGY RESEARCH.
"Two major events shaped Jewish life of the past two hundred years: migration and the Holocaust. Few Jews today live where their ancestors lived a century or two ago. As a result many Jews believe they cannot trace their family roots because:
-- My family name was changed (at Ellis Island)
-- No one in my family knows about the past
-- No one is left alive to tell me about my family's past
-- All the records were destroyed in the Holocaust
-- My town was wiped off the face of the map
These statements are myths. Jewish genealogy today is highly organized and therefore help is available to dispel these myths. There are many resources available to help you trace your Jewish family heritage."
For more info see:

"This outline introduces records and strategies that can help you learn more about your Jewish ancestors. It teaches terminology and describes the content, use, and availability of major genealogical records." For more info see:

Happy family tree climbing!
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