Sunday, February 11, 2007

GenealogyBank login not working

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From: David Dearth
Regarding: ACROSS MY DESK: Open Login to

Thanks for the lead... but it does not work. Just get the message "Inactive Account".

You are absolutely correct. I will forward this concern to Tom Kemp, and the technical support crew at

I was able to use the free Login script described by Tom Kemp yesterday, but it was VERY slow, obviously due to the large number of participants. Now, today it says "inactive account" which means the account was closed to prevent more logins.

This is quite unacceptable, since the offer was extended to run through Tuesday, and this is only Sunday.

NewsBank, the parent organization, is large enough to handle the load.

I will also write an article about this problem. Since my posting yesterday, I have had six responses. AOL told me that with the number of subscribers to my mail list and message board, each response represents about 75 other individuals who either didn't bother to respond, or couldn't take the time to do so. That doesn't take into account those who receive my columns in blog format.

Ol' Myrt here is sure that Tom Kemp's offer was legitimate -- wish his tech support folks made good on his offer. I know Tom personally and professionally. You will recall that he was most recently the successful director of The Godfrey Memorial Library, before his move to GenealogyBank.

PS - While composing this reply, eight more frustrated researchers have written to advise of this problem. Seems people are spending Sunday afternoon attempting to do genealogy research. Too bad you won't obtain a glimpse of how can assist in accomplishing your goals.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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