Monday, February 12, 2007

More on GenealogyBank... Patience

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From: Arnold S.
Re: GenealogyBank login not working

I was one of the eight who wrote to you about being unable to log in. The problem began within minutes of receipt of your post on Saturday evening. Less "frustrated" than annoyed. Had you tested logging in at before you forwarded Mr. Kemp's e-mail to all of us? Had Mr. Kemp tried logging in using his own instructions? If Mr. Kemp and you are young, then we will forgive. If you are old as some of us are, then what in the world happened?

Your letter makes me smile. Of course, I tested the link...

And naturally I searched for Ol' Myrt's ancestors! (Found some more info too!)

In this case, it is hard to determine how much additional hardware one must purchase and install to meet the "average load" demands of an internet-based business known as

This same "always busy" experience happened during the first weeks of the now venerable (that means OLD & RESPECTED) website. One might imagine that it routinely receives over a million hits a day, but the load was often ten times that in the early days.

Even though Tom Kemp, director of, arrived home late from his presentation in St. George, he kept on top of his email. (On a Sunday no less!) I had forwarded each of your emails to him, so he would have real-case scenarios to discuss with his technicians.

TOM KEMP WENT THE EXTRA MILE and replied personally to each of you, including me in the CC. BTW The list is much larger than 8 at this point.

Tom is meeting with the powers that be at right now to arrive at some sort solution. I would be HAPPY to be in Tom's shoes, as most businesses worry about getting people in the door.

Have you ever stood outside the doors of a brick and mortar store waiting for it to open for an after Christmas sale? Waiting in line and crowds at the movies happen all the time.

So, as a YOUNG grandmother of 5 1/2, may Ol' Myrt here suggest PATIENCE?

PS - No more emails please! :D
PPS - Remember there is no free lunch.
PPPS - Beggars can't be choosers.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)

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