Friday, February 23, 2007

WHY we have message boards

As Ol' Myrt was posting to her message board, she ran across this query from a reader named

"Received a family research history with references to "Adair County, Illinois". I can't locate this county. Is it possible that the state is wrong or a county that only existed a short while in IL ? The time frame is about 1830-1840. I've done a lot of research, but this has me stumped--don't know where to look for info like this. Thanks"

Seven days later, JUDYVANDUSEN99 replied:
"Could the county be St. Clair County? At one time it was one of the largest counties in Illinois and many other counties were formed from it."

Today, another research added to the discussion. BOOKRATT replied:
"Not sure if this helps, but Adair County, OKLAHOMA, on the ILLINOIS RIVER is found often at Google. Might they have meant Adair County in Oklahoma, Illinois River area? It is in the Illinois River Basin area of Oklahoma.

There is also Adair County, MISSOURI, a state which borders Illinois and though the county is well inside the state border today, might it not have been, early on? The MO area was opened to settlement in 1812, prior to your time period.

Most of the Adair counties I know of were named for Kentucky Governor John Adair. But the Oklahoma one was apparently named for the Cherokee Indian Adair family. Don't know if that somehow connects to your search."

NOW AT THIS POINT, WE HAVEN'T ACTUALLY SETTLED THE COUNTY LOCATION PROBLEM, but the discussion sure has expanded, because two people have already responded to the original query.

THIS IS WHY WE HAVE GENEALOGY MESSAGE BOARDS -- to facilitate exchange of information among genealogy researchers.

Ol' Myrt chose to look in THE HANDYBOOK FOR GENEALOGISTS (11th edition, copyright 2006 Everton Publishing, edited by Holly Hansen.) Beginning on page 854 is the "County Index" listing all occurrences (past and present) of the name. Here we find listed:
-- Adair County, Iowa
-- Adair County, Kentucky
-- Adair County, Missouri
-- Adair County, Oklahoma

There are active genealogy message boards at and (the latter takes you to the parent company, Look for them by:
-- surname
-- locality (including each of the Adair counties listed above)
-- genealogy software
-- genealogy newsletters
-- historical societies
-- special interest groups

Happy family tree climbing!
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