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Different family lines

From: Crouch 157
I am just starting to use Legacy Family Tree, I previously was using Family Tree Maker and had just put information on both my Mom and Dad's sides. When switching would it be a good idea to do a different file for each major family line. Like one for my Mom's dad side, and then her mother's. Then a separate one for my Dad. I am just trying to figure out the best organizational method. Thanks for the help.

Legacy Family Tree easily imported your FTM database, as you've learned. :)
Since our genealogy names/dates/localities take up very little space, I'd keep the files TOGETHER. This will make it much easier to print out a PEDIGREE CHART for one of the children, since lineages for both your father and mother will be in the same file.

In the "olden days" of genealogical computing, there were a few reasons why we kept files separate, namely:
-- Our computers didn't have hard drives, and the limit of a floppy disc could easily be met.
-- The software didn't permit excluding one side of the family when printing a particular report.

-- Hard drives are very inexpensive.
-- Even when adding detailed source citations, biographical notes, photos and scanned images of documents, you will likely have enough hard drive space with your current machine. If not, it is easy and inexpensive to add an external hard drive and connect it via a USB port.

KEEP YOUR FAMILY TOGETHER. Spend your time doing research, and forget having to combine & later separate dad's file from mom's side of the family to print a book. Legacy will do all that you need when it comes to printing out reports by prompting you to select an individual and decide whether to include siblings, ancestors and/or descendants of that individual.

Backup your genealogy data.

Happy family tree climbing!
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