Monday, March 05, 2007

EASTMAN RE: Southern Claims Commission 1871-1880 Online

For the very *few* DearMYRTLE readers who do not subscribe to the highly recommended Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

This week, Dick has written about the online availability of Southern Claims Commission records 1871-1880.

There is simply no way to improve upon the article and the growing list of comments from researchers who have since accessed the records.

Dick writes:

"One of the most valuable sources of genealogy for anyone with southern U.S. ancestry went online a couple of months ago. The Southern Claims Commission records can provide a wealth of information not found in census records, church records, tax lists, or elsewhere. In fact, for many people who lived in the southern states during and after the Civil War, the Southern Claims Commission records often are the only source of family relationships that still survive today. Surprisingly, many genealogists with southern roots are not even aware of this valuable resource.


"If you were a farmer, a shopkeeper, or simply someone who owned a horse in the early 1860s and you were also unfortunate enough to have an army pass by, you had a high probability of your goods, animals, and crops being confiscated. In fact, there are many reports of people having their crops taken by both armies, a few days or weeks or months apart. Such are the ravages of war."

For the complete article, see:

Aside from Dick's explanation of the possibilities for genealogical breakthroughs, it is his readers' feedback about the mechanics of using the Footnote website that prove enlightening.

Even if you are not actively searching your southern US ancestry at this time, you MUST read that column, AND the readers' comments about the process of accessing the pages at, Eventually you ARE going to need to look at this marvelous collection, and Ol' Myrt wants your brain to have a recollection of this valuable resource.

So at the risk of merely regurgitating the existing genealogy news, please accept this column as a pointer to the Southern Claims Commission 1871-1880 online records.

Happy family tree climbing!
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