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READERS' FEEDBACK: Different Family Lines

From: larcher kathryn
LEGACY, which I also use, does not actually import your photos but makes note of where they are situated on your hard drive. This keeps the database smaller. I keep one copy of my current base and photos on my c: hard drive and another back-up on an external hard-drive, plus the occasional DVD.

By the way, it's best to scan photos in TIFF format since JPEG compresses the file thus losing information EACH TIME the file is opened. Then make a JEPG copy if you want to send by email or put on a website. Best only to scan a photo once (or twice) since each time exposes it to a lot of very bright light.

Good points! Ol' Myrt uses TIFF for important photos and GIF for most other photos quite simply because of file size. While .jpg sounds good for exchanging photos, they really do become corrupted over time and look less marvelous. However, with the noses on some of Myrt's ancestors it wouldn't make any difference!

It is true that current genealogy software programs do not embed a second copy of a photo within the confines of your compiled database. When backing up all relevant files, one must follow a "manual" [read that self-imposed] plan to include the attached ancestral photos and scanned images of proof documents.

I have two trees using Family Tree Maker. One starting with my wife and including our children and one starting with me and including our children. How do I combine both trees so I can start the tree with each individual child?

It is quite easy to combine two genealogy databases. In Family Tree Maker 2006:
-- Open one file
-- Click "File"
-- Select "Append/Merge"
-- Choose the names you wish to import.
-- Merge duplicates which FTM prompts you to do

When you wish to print out a pedigree chart for each child in Family Tree Maker 2006:
-- Click on a child's name child
-- Click the "Tree Charts" Button
-- Specify the type of chart you wish (standard pedigree, ancestor tree in standard, fan or vertical format)
-- Repeat for each additional child

Different Family Lines (original column)

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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