Thursday, March 22, 2007

READERS' FEEDBACK: Step-Children, Descendancy Charts & Funeral

From: Lorraine Boucher
I've read "Withheld" but am having difficulty applying the information to my situation. The specifics are:

  • My brother (Ron) second marriage to a woman (Cindy) who had children from a previous marriage/relationship. (Does it matter if the children are from a relationship as opposed to a marriage?)
  • We are doing our parent's Family Tree. (Are Cindy's children from a previous marriage/relationship part of Ron's parent's genealogy?

All names associated in any familial relationship (blood, adopted, step, etc.) should be included, for your parent's genealogy. To leave anyone out would only isolate and label "not included". Ol' Myrt is the half sister to some, and step-sister to others. When my grandchildren think of "Grand-Uncle Dave" or "Grand-Uncle Dan" they are not making such distinctions. In fact, if I were to leave the step-sibling out, my grandchildren will someday work through my genealogy and wonder why I didn't include Dan.

Any union of a couple producing children can be clearly documented by typing "not married" in the marriage date field, so that someone won't go on a wild goose chase later looking for a marriage document.

From: Janis Rodriguez
She can do this in "The Master Genealogist" by running two trees (an hourglass tree for herself and a descendant tree for her second husband with his first wife) then pasting them together. Bob Velke the software developer for TMG or Kent Riggins who wrote the Visual Chart Form software which produces charts in TMG could explain better.

Janis Parkison Rodriguez
VP Arlington RUG, a TMG Users Group

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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