Sunday, March 04, 2007

Stepchildren, descendancy charts & a funeral

I have a question for you or a reader who may have the same problem. This may sound a bit macabre, but I am trying to make an hourglass chart of my ancestors and descendants to display at my funeral. I thought with me being a genealogist people might be interested in a family tree, along with a few pictures.

The problem is, I have been married twice (first husband died), and I raised my second husband's 4 children, almost like my own. I would like them and their children to be displayed in some way to show that I consider them as much a part of my family (which I do) as my own blood related children.

I have not found a chart nor tree that will show this step relationship. Has anyone found one or do you know if there is somewhere I could purchase one. I have already looked at GrillYourGrannie (a website that is now closed) and only find one hourglass tree and it doesn't fit my bill. Anyone????

As you have discovered, charts (ancestral & descendant) show only those related by blood. Hourglass reports which is a combination of the two won't correctly figure the information on step-children. I am sending this to developers of and genealogy management software to see what they might suggest. I have a suggestion, but let's wait to hear if they have better ideas, then I'll make a column out of the discussion.

NOTE: Within 1 day, the following reply was received:
"Have you considered contacting Generation Maps about their extensive charting service? They can make just about any chart you might want."

THERE YOU HAVE IT, Shirley. That is Ol' Myrt's suggestion as well. To this I might add that Generations Maps has one of those wide carriage plotter/printers, where the paper comes on a big roll. So I think they CAN do the job for you.

Happy family tree climbing!
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