Saturday, April 28, 2007

The importance of labeling photographs

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Enclosed is a photo I took of my father with his sister and brother. Ol' Myrt remembers everything about this picture, since the get-together was only a few short weeks ago. AAACK. I actually have to look at the calendar to remember the exact date. Now my children may be able to recognize their Grampa Glen, seated in the wheelchair. But what happens when my grandchildren look at the photo? They will only know Great-Grampa Glen from their early childhood days. It is unlikely they would know anything about the other individuals in thephoto UNLESS I TELL THEM, right?

I am sure you have lots of old photos hanging around. Why not go ahead and LABEL them now, and perhaps add details as I've added below, while you can remember them? Our memories fade faster than the old photos. Let's work on getting those photos labeled.

Left to right:
Siblings Jack Player, Glen Player (seated) and Beverly (Muir) Player
April 2007
This photo was taken in front of the fireplace at the Medina, Washington home of Glen Player. Both Glen and Bev have enjoyed playing the large organ in the background. Glen is recently widowed, but note his wife Blanche (Jackson) Player's circa 1968 photo sitting on the organ in the background. She and Bev were very close friends. Jack lives in Tuscon, Arizona and Lacey, Washington, Bev lives in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. Also attending this mini family reunion were Jack's wife Laura, Glen's daughter Pat Richley and Bev's daughter Carol Tobey.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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