Sunday, April 01, 2007

Influential Grandmothers


In addition to speaking at the very popular Logan Utah Genealogy and Family Heritage Jamboree last week, Ol' Myrt was able to spend time with her 5 precious grandchildren. OK, I also enjoyed visiting with my three daughters and son-in-laws.


The major project of the week was to complete a SCOOBY-DOO wall mural for 4 year old TJ, who coincidentally had a "real" haircut this week that is causing him some grief in the personal identity department. The picture below shows Ol' Myrt and TJ painting – obviously taken BEFORE the haircut.


Where once there were these wonderful curls, now TJ is looking mighty spiffy with a traditional boy's hair style.


The morning after the haircut, when this dear little boy asked "do you think my hair has grown a little" this grandma was able to answer "You bet, sweetheart, it looks great!" Now maybe he can face the gang at pre-school?


What occurred to me, in the process of painting and talking, is the importance of a grandmother in the lives of these little ones. Normally little kiddies are not allowed to paint on any walls. But when working with grandma there are special exceptions. When children grow into their rebellious teens and need to break the apron strings, grandchildren tend to appreciate and enjoy their grandparents who appear more understanding than parents. At least in my case this was true.



Why not take the time to write down a few of your recollections about YOUR GRANDMOTHERS? If you were blessed to know even one of them, you know how much they influenced your life. In my case, my Gramma Myrtle was the inspiration for my writing this genealogy column for twelve years now. My other grandmother, Gramma Frances, was an excellent typist. Working as an executive secretary she was said to be able to track anyone down anywhere in the world within 15 minutes. That was without benefit of the internet!


How I wish my grandmothers were here to help me do this family history stuff. I have so many more questions to ask of them now.


Happy family tree climbing!

Myrt :)


Your friend in genealogy.

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