Saturday, April 21, 2007

Living history hospital volunteers

ACROSS MY DESK: Living history hospital volunteers

Trading patients’ medical histories for life stories
A new volunteer program at the Yale-New Haven Hospital bridges patient-doctor divide. From the Yale Herald
"In a shared room at the Yale-New Haven Hospital (YNHH), Gordon Williams—81,
born in Dublin, Thomas A. Thacher Professor of Latin, and repeat patient—sits wrapped in a soft white blanket. He is remembering his childhood during World War II; he speaks of Chamberlain, Hitler, Franco as if he had known them personally. JoAnn Kupiec is perched on the foot of his bed, scribbling furiously. Kupiec, who wears a hot pink hospital coat, is a Living History volunteer: Every Thursday, she visits willing patients here to record their life histories. The Living History program, established at YNHH last year, allows patients to share their lives. “It is a living, breathing chronicle of a patient’s non-medical history,” reads the program brochure."
For more about this exciting program, see:

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