Thursday, April 12, 2007

MOVE to BLOG format by 1 May 2007 ALTERNATIVES

From: Marian
Please email me instructions to change from the RootsWeb mailing list to your BLOG.


Several have written Ol' Myrt to explain they wish to CONTINUE to receive DearMYRTLE columns via email. Since I am dropping my RootsWeb mailing list because of delivery problems, let me mention the newest and easiest alternatives for making this move.

Readers who wish to receive Myrt's column in their email, please fill out the form and follow the directions using this service which will send my blog to your specified email address:

FeedBlitz will look for DearMYRTLE blog postings, and then send them to you once a day for free. If you wish notification as each posting is made, then upgrade your service for a minimal annual fee.

My only caution is that AOL subscribers, and services which require pre-authorization of email addresses must add on the approved list.

When asked, specify "" without the quote marks.

Traditionally, one had to download some sort of RSS feed Aggregator to "pull in" my DearMYRTLE blog. WIKIPEDIA explains that "Aggregator features are being built into portal sites such as My Yahoo! and Google; modern web browsers; and e-mail programs." For the techie story see: . I used SharpReader for many months before FeedBlitz seemed an easier alternative.

For a list of RSS aggregators useful on a variety of platforms see:

For a comparison of such RSS aggregators, see this techie page:

-- Mozilla Firefox is a free-software web browser that can display feeds as bookmark folders.

-- Mozilla Thunderbird is a free-software email program that can read RSS blogs.

-- "My RSS Toolbar" for Internet Explorer can be modified to show a list of blogs in your favorites folder.

-- MyYAHOO SUBSCRIBERS - Although you may certainly use the above referenced method, it's also possible to add RSS feeds to your email. You'll note that the columns show up on this list about 12-24 hours after I make a posting. Sign in, then click "Add Content" at the top of the left column, then select "Popular from the Web" and go from there.

-- OUTLOOK 2007 - RSS feeds can be pulled into a specific folder located under the "outbox" in the list of folders in Outlook 2007. For directions on adding an RSS feed such as DearMYRTLE, see:

Do not rely on the RSS Gadget in the new Windows VISTA sidebar. It shows titles of my columns too late and for too many days. Takes over a day sometimes for a link to a blog title to appear here. The other problem is that if one subscribes to 15 or 20 blogs, such as Ol' Myrt here, there is not enough room within the confines of the VISTA RSS Gadget box for more than a few to show up. Since I don't sit in front of my computer all day, things scroll off that list too quickly.

All in all, it might be easiest to use the first option in this column.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

(c) 2007 All Rights Reserved.

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