Friday, April 06, 2007

Relationships in Swedish genealogy software, podcasts

From: Anna-Karin Schander
I hope you will have nice time at the Logan jamboree. It sounds nice and I would gladly have wanted to attend an event like that but it is too long from Sweden to Utah! I hope your father will last to you come back.

As for your blog post about relationships and stepchildren in genealogical software. The Swedish genealogy software I am using DISGEN gives me the possibility to when I link a woman and man with children together to chose between married, before marriage, outside marriage and sambo.

(Sambo is a Swedish word than means an unmarried couple living together in a committed relationship). In that way you can differ [from] people that have been married, have lived together for a period of time or just have had child together.

On the other hand DISGEN gives me no opportunity to put in step or adopted children and mark that out. If I put them in they are shown as biological children which makes the whole family tree wrong. I have to put them in the text notes. It feels a bit discriminating since they are part of their family too. I wonder what the genealogy software developers will do to be able to put in same sex couples in future versions of genealogy programs

Will you produce any more podcast in the near future I miss them. If you have time please listen to my little podcast in English about Swedish-American genealogy. It is not as professional as your or the GenealogyGuys podcast. In it I speak in somewhat stilted English , about Swedish genealogy. The web address is

Congrats on your new genealogy podcast. Ol' Myrt is currently listening to your 22 March 2007 offering. Your English is delightful and I think your topics are worthwhile. Keep up the great work!

As for Myrt's podcasting days, I fully expect to do those wonderful interviews again. With my Dad at the "end stage" I have little control over my time. In fact it took me three tries between his calls to get this column typed. I am not complaining. There is a time and season for everything.

When I move to Utah, I expect to make not only a recording studio out of my library, but room for a video recording crew. It is quite simply too difficult to set up a television studio at the 'station' with enough of the essentials to be authentic for a show that would only air once a week. If Paula Dean can record cooking shows in her own kitchen, then Ol' Myrt here can record in her library, and interview guests as they come to visit the nearby Family History Library. -- YES, Dolly in Maryland, I am actively looking for property that can become DearMYRTLE's Bed & Breakfast.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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