Tuesday, April 17, 2007

US Military History Institute (MHI)

From: Diane manley@goldrush.com
I wanted to check something at the MHI site, but it's changed. I spent an unbelievable amount of time trying to figure out how to access the Civil War photo database. I got to some civil war photos, but couldn't find anything - even items I had found previously. Perhaps you could do an article or something on how to navigate the new site. The page/link I had bookmarked is:


Oh, would that web page designers would realize they should try to maintain the same URLs. Changing web addresses when updating a website wrecks havoc for long-time online researchers. Looking at the old pages through archives.org will NOT help with a growing collection such as the US Civil War photo collection you've mentioned.

Here are some of the things Ol' Myrt has learned:

1. Part of the US Army Military History Institute's website has changed to:
US Army Heritage Collection Online


-- online catalog of library holdings
-- resource guides & finding aids
-- digital documents online - manuscripts
-- digital documents online - photos (including US Civil War)
-- digital documents online - artifacts
-- digital documents online - military publications

CAUTION, the default search option on the bottom of this website's home page is only to search a portion of online materials. If you wish to search ALL the digital documents, click the SEARCH DIGITAL MATERIAL button near the bottom.

2. Another part of the US Army Military History Institute's website has changed to:
US Army Heritage & Education Center (AHEC)

It would appear that this site discusses educational events. Of particular interest to potential attendees is the page explaining how to get to Carlisle Barracks and the AHEC.

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