Sunday, April 08, 2007

Want the RAW facts? Eastman’s your man


While I cannot say for sure, but it would appear that Dick Eastman is picking up on our discussion about .JPEG files versus .TIFF files, by taking the more technical route in the discussion of RAW format, something some digital cameras are capable of saving. By Dick’s explanation a RAW version of a picture can be saved in addition to the usual conversion to .JPEG or .TIFF that occurs when you finish the process of snapping that picture. Scanners have a similar capability.

Now this column of Dick Eastman’s titled "Create Better Pictures and Scanned Images" is located in his PLUS Edition Weekly Newsletter released today.

The article is a prime example of WHY you want to subscribe. Eastman's regular edition newsletter is free, but Ol' Myrt heartily recommends paying the PLUS edition fee of $5.95 per quarter or $19.95 per annum to receive maximum benefit.

Dick Eastman is THE techie-guru in the world of genealogy.

Contrast this with dear Ol’ Myrt, who knows a fairly good smattering about things on a variety of topics. Yes, my columns can accomplish a great deal to encourage, direct and cajole readers into developing sound genealogy research habits. Dick can discuss 29 different ways to accomplish a task, and then explain which is best, whether you are work on a MAC or Windows platform. Dick Eastman's newsletter is where Myrt turns if she wants to study the nitty gritty about the internet, genealogy, computers and the like.

So DearREADERS, consider this my semi-annual plea to consider subscribing to Dick Eastman’s newsletter. I receive it in both BLOG and email format. The sign up screen is located at:

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