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Civil War Records

YES, some Southern states gave pensions

RE: Accessing Union Civil War Service & Pension files

I have gotten the files for my soldier from the state courthouse in Alabama, but after reading your answer to another's question I was wondering would the records be the same from the NARA? What I got from the state was [soldier's] name, wife's Pension paper, his date of death, wife's name. I want more info if I can get it. What is the difference between the state cards and the National Archives - NARA files?


The UNION Civil War Service & Pension Files were the topic of DearMYRTLE's blog on 26-27 April 2007. As you’ve discovered, Alabama is one of the CONFEDERATE states that provided pensions. The scope of the Union pension collection I was describing does not include Confederate states. There are some records of service for Confederate states at the NARA. Ol' Myrt suggests looking at:

Alabama Department of Archives & History
This website explains there were a variety of records including:

  • Alabama Confederate Service Cards
  • Index Cards to the Confederate Marines 1861-1865
  • National Archives Compiled Service Rolls Index (If you find your soldier in this index, it will refer you to a NARA file. Service files are not as genealogically interesting as pension files.)
  • Confederate Military Unit History Files
  • Civil War & Reconstruction Subject Files
  • Confederate Pension Files
  • 1907 Census of Confederate Soldiers in Alabama
  • 1921 Census of Confederate Soldiers in Alabama
  • Contemporary Newspapers
  • Alabama Governors' Records
  • Loyalty Oaths
  • 1867 Voter Registration Lists
  • Letters, Diaries, and Manuscripts
  • Documenting the Civil War Period Flag Collection at the Alabama Department of Archives and History
  • Confederate Officers Photograph Album
  • Photographs
  • Maps
  • Pamphlets

Ol’ Myrt would also suggest:
Genealogy section - Alabama Department of Archives & History

How about feedback from experienced Alabama Civil War soldier researchers?

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