Saturday, May 12, 2007

GenSmarts Version 2 released

NOTE: The following announcement was just received from GenSmarts creator Aaron Underwood. All inquiries should be addressed to him at:

GenSmarts - Automated Genealogy Research from Underwood Innovations, LLC

GenSmarts Version 2 was released this week - the biggest change since we launched the product in 2003! For a limited time, any existing GenSmarts user can get a discount on purchasing Version 2. For more information and more detail than we can provide here, see:

The improvements are all around - it's easier to use, it's faster, it's more powerful... here are a few specific highlights:

  1. Data Cleanup reports
  2. Save reports to Word, PDF, Excel, MSAccess
  3. Simpler and more powerful filters to find the best suggestions
  4. Partial file analysis
  5. User selectable fonts and text sizes
  6. Add a comment to a suggestion
  7. Now remembers your last settings
  8. User definable marks (not limited anymore to Found, Not Found, etc.)
  9. Source auditing, analysis, and importing of more events than just BMD
The current versions are:
Version 1 - (GenSmarts For Edition)
Version 1 - (Full Edition)
Version 2 - (Full Edition)

GenSmarts Usage Tip
If you use GenSmarts across a couple of different files, you may be in the habit of simply canceling the open process that automatically runs, and then picking the file you want to work with from the "recently used" listin the FILE menu.

That works, but there's an easier way - use the top line menu option TOOLS...SETTINGS... and go to the FILES tab. Turn off the"Automatically open last file..." option, click save, close and restart GenSmarts. Instead of trying to open the last file you used, GenSmarts will simply present you with a pick list of recent files straight way.

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