Monday, May 28, 2007

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How Myrt found a circa 1900 book about Conrad Weiser, her Pennsylvania ancestor

Family history work is getting easier all the time. Today will browsing the web, I stumbled across the scanned images of the book describing my 6th great-grandfather Johannes Conrad WEISER (Ancestral File Number: 2691-KG) born 12 Nov 1969 in Affsteadt, Herrenberg, Wuerttemburg (Germany) and died 13 July 1760 in Womelsdorf, Berks, Pennsylvania.

by Joseph S. Walton of the Pennsylvania Historical Society, published in 1900 by George W. Jacobs & Co., Philadelphia.

You may click to view the entire book online free because of the Google book scanning project. This is not one of the books that is downloadable. However, when I clicked to "Find this book in a library" I was taken to a list of hits for my locality, including the Seattle Public Library. I guess my ISP address is giving away my location.

Let's look at the Google Book screen a little more closely:

Click to find out more about the book on Conrad Weiser.”   <span style=

Note: One can read the book in 1 or 2 page spreads, the search term "Conrad Weiser" is highlighted in yellow on each page. One can skip over to another chapter by using the chapter headings on the right side of the screen or by entering a specific page number in the navigation bar on the top of the book screen. We're on image 7, not necessarily page 7 in this book, since the title and copyright pages are not numbered in a book, but they are numbered at Google Book.

Be sure when printing out pages from this online book, that you are careful to make copies of the title page and copyright info.

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