Friday, May 18, 2007

Great-Grampa's Bearskin Rug - Part 1

How to document family heirlooms


Myrt has had a heyday going through all sorts of old documents and family heirlooms while caregiving at her father's home the past 14 months. That got me to thinking about how to cite unusual documents and heirlooms. Hence, the development of a series of blogs on the topic with specific examples from Myrt's family history.

Have you heard the story about blind men trying to describe an elephant? Well, Myrt's challenge is to explain to her grandchildren about the black bear rug in the "bear room" at Great-grampa Glen's house, pictured below:

Great-grampa Glen S. Player's black bear rug.

CONCEPT #1: Take a picture, and clearly label it before sharing it with other family members.

In the picture above, you will note that Ol' Myrt has:

  • clearly labeled the picture of a shiny black bear rug with the owner's name
  • stated the location of the bear

Certainly this treatment is a great improvement over the dozens of unlabeled photographs we each have stashed away in drawers or in those old shoeboxes on the closet shelf.

OVER THE NEXT FEW DAYS, watch this blog, to see additional examples of how Ol' Myrt here will improve on this first entry of the official "describing the bear" challenge. THEN, I'll ask you, my DearREADERS to do the same for one or two of your family heirlooms and submit results to Myrt. I'll select examples of your work, and create a place on the web to honor a few of your ancestors.

PS - On my new computer, MS Word 2007 spell checks "grampa" and tries to replace it with "grumpy!" Hmmmm. This is hysterical.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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