Thursday, May 03, 2007

Legacy for the Professional Genealogist

From: Geoff Rasmussen
The Millennia Corporation is pleased to announce a new publication designed especially for professional genealogists. The 9-page booklet, "Legacy Family Tree for the Professional Genealogist", outlines many of the tools professionals need in a genealogy computer program, and describes how Legacy Family Tree meets these needs. The booklet provides information on the following:

- Data and hard-copy organization
- Working with locations
- Locating important records
- Planning with To Do Lists and Research Logs
- Better analysis with timelines
- Historical timelines
- Easier information retrieval
- Sharing multimedia with your client
- Reporting/sharing findings

Download your free copy today. The booklet is available as a .pdf file and can be downloaded at


Geoff Rasmussen
Millennia Corporation

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