Friday, May 04, 2007

Let's talk about blogging

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How about getting together TOMORROW in real-time to discuss how genealogists can benefit from BLOGGING?

Ol' Myrt will be presenting this topic at's (free):

Saturday 4 May 2007
Registration: free

TODAY, get ready by:
1. Going to

3. Double-clicking the "SG ReGL Viewer" icon on your desktop.
4. Clicking "UPDATE REGL" and selecting "UPDATE CONTENT."
5. Typing in this content code " fhlo.paf" (without quote marks.)
6. Clicking OK.

TOMORROW, shortly before a session begins log on by:
1. Turning on your computer's speakers (and microphone is you wish to ask questions verbally.) Ol' Myrt is using a Logitec headset with earphones and a microphone in one.
2. Double-clicking the "SG ReGL Viewer" icon on your desktop.
3. Clicking the "CLICK TO LOG ON" button, and selecting "JOIN A SESSION."
4. Typing in the code " fhlo.fair " (without quote marks.)

The schedule of 13 sessions is found online at: Times posted are US Mountain Time.

Myrt's "BLOGGING: Getting the word out" session will be held tomorrow at:

1pm Eastern US
12pm Central US
11am Mountain US
10am Pacific US (Myrt's time zone!)
(Daylight where applicable.)

My session will run for 45 minutes, and I have included time for questions and answers.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

(c) 2007 All Rights Reserved.

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