Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

God bless America

Here in the US we take pause on this MEMORIAL DAY, Monday 28 May 2007. Many of my DearREADERS have expressed how current world conflicts have affected deeply their daily lives.

Times of war and strife are devastating regardless of one’s political point of view.

My brand-new grandson Tyler was born yesterday at a time where in this country we enjoy many freedoms that are unknown to many others throughout the world. We can vote to make a difference. We have freedom of speech. We can choose to travel and enjoy the wonders of our country. Our homes are safe from immediate danger. We can worship how, where and what we may.

It is for these rights that folks like my father served during World War II. Unlike many others, he did not have to make the supreme sacrifice.

Many other families have had to live without their father, mother, uncle, aunt, grandparent or child, because that loved one's blood was shed on a distant field of battle.

May this day of personal reflection bring you and your family members closer together as we silently thank those who have courageously served and pray for those who bravely continue to serve the cause of freedom.


Click to explore the History Channel's Memorial Day minisite.

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