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Restoration of a Brooklyn Civil War cemetery


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The original article about cemetery activities mentioned Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY. They have a wonderful website. Lots of history.

In addition, today's NY Times has another article about Green-Wood and a five year project that produced results through extensive research (historic & genealogical). It is also doing 'good' in restoration and preservation at the cemetery. It's a still on-going project.

Rows of New Markers, and Untold Sacrifice by Civil War Soldiers

There is a link there to a video on the topic. About 5 minutes long.
IMHO very informative. A very fitting subject for Memorial Day.

I especially liked the end of the video "...just quiet little boys. And someone remembered."

Very precious, and perhaps one of the best memorials I've seen. Honest, grassroots efforts of genealogists to document who was buried there, and be sure that a new tombstone is placed at each grave site.

Volunteer experts estimate there are still 6,000 unmarked or obliterated graves of Civil War soldiers in this cemetery yet to be identified.

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