Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Saturday's online seminar

FREE Family History Fair 5 May 2007

This Saturday you'll have the unique opportunity to log in to a website (at no cost) to listen to and speak with the presenters as you view their graphic presentations relative to their assigned topics.

HOW? Download a small program that enables you to use the website and view the graphics the presenters send to the screen. Then turn on your speakers, log back into the website and use the code word mentioned below. If you have a microphone, you can ask questions at the end of each presentation.

Ol' Myrt here will be using her Logitec headset (earphones and mic) to do her presentation, which is titled "BLOGGING: Getting the word out." My goal is to provide practical, down-to-earth advice to family historians, with a focus on beginning and intermediate researcher challenges. Since BLOGS are a mainstream method for genealogists to communicate, I'll discuss:

BLOGGING: Getting the word out.
-- How does a blog work?
-- How to receive a blog
-- Quick-start blog set-up
-- Refining your blog’s template
-- More about FeedBlitz

You may attend any or all of the conference sessions. There is one 45-minute session per hour.

Moderated by
Sandra Raymond Jarvis - Utah


If you plan to attend the FREE family history fair (co-sponsored by My Ancestors Found), on Saturday, May 5, you must download the content a day or two before the fair. If you have questions or problems with the download, contact us at support@familyhistoryliveonline.com

  1. Open the ReGL viewer (if you have not yet installed the viewer, go to http://www.stillmangeorge.com/sgregl.exe and follow the instructions)
  2. Click on the "UPDATE REGL" button
  3. Click on the "UPDATE CONTENT" button
  4. Type into the field that comes up: fhlo.paf then click next
  5. Click on "Install" this will install the content

To attend the fair, the access code is: fhlo.fair

Now you are ready to attend another great online fair. For the agenda and more information, visit the Family History Live Online website:

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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