Saturday, May 19, 2007

Volunteers: Have you indexed your 50 names this month? reports over 7 million names indexed in April 2007


Despite my travels this month, Ol’ Myrt has begun her May 2007 personal goal of indexing 1,500 names for the month. When I signed into the FamilySearch Indexing program, a new message was posted from headquarters which reads:

“The number of records you indexed in the past two months is truly awesome. In March, you indexed over 4.5 million records. In April, you submitted over 7 million. The total number of records indexed almost doubled in just one month. Thank you for this fantastic achievement!” 18 May 2007 internal software email to indexers.
Perhaps you've read this week about the new PUSH that the folks at FamilySearch are making to reach out to archivists, courthouses and churches throughout the world. See:

NOW is the time to offer your services as a volunteer indexer and become part of this huge "wave" of indexed original records to be offered on the Web.

Ol’ Myrt has previously explained how EASY it is to participate in FamilySearch indexing as Arlene reported in This blog entry includes a screen shot of a census page, and the indexing fields where one would type on the bottom half of the computer screen.

Remember, this is the QUALITY indexing, using data entry procedures with 2 typists. As an indexer, you are only aware of your entries. More experienced typists can elect to become arbitrators. An arbitrator looks at anomolies noted by the indexing software when comparing your indexing with that of the other indexer who worked the same page.


Let’s double the number of indexed entries this month as well. PLEASE.

The ancestor you index may be your own!

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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