Wednesday, June 27, 2007

ACROSS MY DESK: 27 June 2007

Thoughtful, genealogy-related postings worth reading include:

  • Renee Zamora’s “Shrinking Pools” blog entry includes musings about whether or not Family History Centers will become obsolete.
  • Tom Kemp’s “Do you really know where you were born?” with examples from old newspapers where babies were born on a train and where the birth should be recorded.
  • Jennifer’s “REMEMBER ME blog entry” includes a YouTube video collage of family photos by cyberlucy and music performed by Josh Groban and Tanja Tzarovska titled “Remember Me.”
  • Dick Eastman’s video Interview with Beau Sharbrough, Senior Director of Content Strategy and Acquisition at
  • The Genetic Genealogist explains “Non Paternal Events”.
  • Julia Smith’s “Where are the Records?” syscinctly describes where to look for ancestral clues and the concept of creating a locality file.
  • Dick Eastman’s cross-posting of a comic strip gives computer owners something they can relate to: “Computer Frustration”.
  • Browse postings to a new genealogy mailing list at RootsWeb - WIKI-GENPAGES were listers are discussing the pros and cons of various genealogy-related Wiki sites. Thanks to Beth Gay for volunteering to administer this list.

Happy family tree climbing!
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