Saturday, June 23, 2007

DOROT Journal of the Jewish Genealogical Society

This past week, Ol’ Myrt received the two wonderful copies of DOROT, The Journal of the Jewish Genealogical Society. This is a marvelous printed resource for family historians with Jewish ancestry. You can find out more at the society’s website:

I was particularly interested in the Spring 2007 “President’s Letter” where Linda Cantor thankfully began to “expand my family tree beyond my immediate and distant relatives, and started to interview more distant family members, I began to hear the stories of those who perished in the Holocaust.” Linda notes her great-grandparents came to America with all their children, so there was no need to create a Page of Testimony for them. Thankfully her extended research gives voice to those siblings, nieces and nephews of her great-grandparents who were not as fortunate.

No one should be forgotten.

Ol' Myrt here is sending DOROT editor Joy Rich (((hugs))) for a job well done. Serving as editor is hard enough without wearing the second and third hats of design and production as she does. I think that pictures of members in a society publication increase interest, don’t you? I also appreciate when local societies publish references to other genealogical and historical societies in the area, as per the JGS Friends page in DOROT. For people new to the area or new to the research, a reference page like this serves to show them the ropes.

The Society also publishes some online databases including:

Click to find out more about Genealogical Resources in New York by Estelle M Guzik.As long as we're focusing on the resources of the Jewish Genealogical Society, Ol' Myrt may as well remind you of the well-regarded book by Estelle M. Guzik titled Genealogical Resources in New York: The most comprehensive guide to genealogical and biographical resources in New York City and Albany published in 1998. Your ancestors didn't have to be Jewish for you to benefit from the study of Estelle's book.

Happy family tree climbing!
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