Wednesday, June 20, 2007

French genealogy collection doesn't debut at

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following was just distrubuted through's Media Room blog at: There is indeed a workable site at "". However "" the subject of this press release points to a place holder, and is not yet a working site. All inquiries should be addressed to:

It is interesting to note that access to the proposed French original records collection will be on a "pay per view" basis -- 10 views for 9.95 euro. This is a different fee structure from the US collection at

24,000 historical collections, including the largest French-Canadian database online with more than 12 million names, available immediately / French collection underway

The largest international network of family history websites, the Ancestry network, which has websites in the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and Italy, today continued their march into Europe with the launch of their French website, Their Italian website, , launched last month.

Ancestry Europe’s Managing Director Josh Hanna comments: "The French people have a long-held interest in family history but the many small websites currently operating cannot properly serve their broader needs.

“With today’s launch, Ancestry has committed both to making French historical collections more widely accessible and also to providing real value to the genealogy associations and archives that hold those records of most interest to family historians. We look forward to working with them to better enable people to explore this increasingly popular hobby."

Through Ancestry’s world-leading Digitisation Programme, 24,000 international historical collections, many containing rarely seen fragile, original documents, have already been preserved through digitisation at no cost to the archives and then made available for many to see and enjoy. is currently in discussions with numerous French archives to digitise their collections.

Like its sister websites, will offer online access to French and international historical records, with site users able to access five billion historical records immediately by Pay Per View. 10 original record views will cost just 9.95 Euro.

The latest easy-to-use tree-building software will also be available and free to all on, making it possible for site users to explore their family history online, document it by building their own family trees and uploading photographs, and share it by connecting globally with other site users.

On average, 80,000 family trees are created and 65,000 photographs uploaded onto the Ancestry global network every week.

The internet has revolutionalised the family history sector internationally in recent years, making literally billions of records available online, easy to search and at a low cost.

The Generations Network, which owns the global network of Ancestry websites, has led this revolution by negotiating unrivalled access to historical archives globally and is the largest online family history resource available. It operates on a Pay Per View and paid subscription basis and collectively has 760,000 paid members.

Josh Hanna continues: “With genealogy already popular in France and our international experience in making hard-to-access historical records available online, we are confident that will quickly become the leading online French family history resource as has in the UK and is on track to becoming in Germany.

“France has always had a healthy respect for its place in history and so we are confident that the French, and those of French descent in other countries, will appreciate having online access to French and international family history records.”

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