Friday, June 01, 2007

GenSmarts Version 2 Now Available

Artificial intelligence software just got smarter


Here's the official announcement from Aaron Underwood, creator of GenSmarts:

Long Grove, IL - May 30, 2007 - Four years ago, a new type of genealogy software debuted - one which uses artificial intelligence to make research suggestions. GenSmarts works alongside existing genealogy software to explain records that should be researched and why. Today's GenSmarts Version 2 release represents a new level of usability and power for genealogy hobbyists seeking research assistance.

"Four years ago, when we were pioneering this type of application, there simply wasn't a model for what it should do. It was such a wide open area of need, though, we knew we'd find customers willing to take a journey with us and help GenSmarts grow into a must have tool." said Aaron Underwood, President of Underwood Innovations, LLC, and creator of GenSmarts. "Version 2 represents the fruit of our labors from the first leg of that journey."

Version 2 features a new user interface, more powerful and as well as easier to use suggestion filters, new source auditing and analysis capabilities, new reports and output options, as well as several other enhancements. An overview of all the new features can be found at

Underwood Innovations, LLC is a small, privately held company in Long Grove, Illinois. Its focus is on creating innovative software with broad consumer appeal."

Now, HERE's what Ol' Myrt especially likes about GenSmarts Version 2:
  • Track date of research suggestion. “Ever wish GenSmarts would track the date you marked a suggestion? Would you like to occasionally review suggestions that you marked in the last week, or rather suggestions that you marked more than a year ago? GenSmarts now records the date you comment or mark a suggestion and the new advanced filtering has criteria that will let you select suggestions based on the date they were marked.” This is particularly useful since Ol’ Myrt has been working on one side of the family the past few months, and am now ready to return to research suggestions identified by GenSmarts last fall. None of us work linearly in our research. We skip around as new information or brick walls come into play.
  • County List Report “Want to print a list of all the counties that GenSmarts looked up for you?” This will help when I am in the library, and want to walk the stacks at the library organized by locality, then compare it to my list from GenSmarts. Previously I had to rely on my ability to scan a stack of GenSmarts printouts organized by surname. Since my ancestors moved around a lot, several localities would need to be researched. Reporting research suggestions from GenSmarts by locality WOW! This was an easy data sort, but it is BRILLIANT, Aaron, simply brilliant!
  • 9 customizable tags for items on the to-do list. One of mine will be “FHL” meaning do this at the Family History Library next time I go.
  • Easier to use filtering. For newbies to GenSmarts, you’ll enjoy a different method for filtering the hundreds (in my case 44,000) research suggestions.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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