Thursday, June 14, 2007

May we have the envelope please?

Remnant of family history found in tornado’s wreckage


What would you give if you could find even a small slip of paper written by an ancestor? Would you settle for an envelope? One Iowa woman may have what you seek.

While sorting through the mess after a June 1st tornado touched down, Lara Bunn made an interesting discovery – an old envelope.

“I almost threw it away, but then I was looking at the postmark, and it said 1945,” Bunn said. The tornado passed over her home at 1711 Orange St. on its path of destruction through Muscatine, leaving a wake of debris.

Bunn, 37, was delighted with her find, but realized the empty envelope was likely a treasured piece of family history. “Especially if they had it this long, it has to be something they wanted to keep,” Bunn said. “Any kind of keepsake they could get back would probably be pretty important.”

The envelope was mailed at Camp Lee, Va., on July 23, 1945, from Pvt. Harold Lohse to Mrs. Robert W. Lohse in Muscatine.”

For the full story see:
Tornado Transports piece of 60-year-old mail, family history by Jennifer Meyer of the Muscatine (Iowa) Journal. Here you will find details on how to contact Jennifer and Lara if the envelope belongs with your family history papers.

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