Saturday, June 23, 2007

Non-genealogy websites worth visiting

Among the 2007 winners of’s Web2 awards are the following websites that may prove useful to family historians:
  • 43 THINGS This is the ultimate for those who like to make lists. Mark your progress and get ideas from others.
  • BE GREEN I have a sister-in-law that is into recycling, but being a responsible inhabitant of the planet earth involves more than taking care of our garbage waste. It’s also about consumption. This website offers suggestions.
  • BIBLIO This is where Myrt located an out-of-print book.
  • CRAIG’S LIST The “want ads” of the internet for those wishing to buy, sell, find just about anything. You can find a car, make a date, find an apartment to rent, etc.
  • FACEBOOK Myrt has blogged about this one last month after hearing about it through Paul Allen - The Lesser’s Blog. See Myrt’s comments: To FACEBOOK or not to FACEBOOK
  • FLICKR My nephew’s new girlfriend uses this photo filing and printing service. She shared digital photos via na email link to her Flickr site within ten minutes of arriving home from last Sunday's Father's Day luncheon.
  • GOOGLE MAPS Online maps are nothing new, but Google was the first to come out with the satellite images of the place in question. Now they are adding street views, starting with NYC.
  • iGOOGLE During the beta-testing, Myrt signed up for Gmail, and then was offered Google’s customizable “home page” but I only did about five things on the first page, concerning movies, calendars and weather in the cities where my grandchildren live. Thanks to the GenealogyGemsPodcast #15 Lisa explained about using widgets and creating additional homepages. I notice if I sign off iGoogle on my genealogy tab that is the one that it “on top” when I log in the next time. My current tabs are: main, family, genealogy and history.
  • JUDY’S BOOK Great place to find the best deals both online and in brick & mortar stores. My smart shopping daughter will love this site.
  • LIBRARYTHING This is where Myrt has begun to catalog her books, at the suggestion of The Genealogy Guys Podcast. But this is also where you can search for the title, and then automatically fill in the ISBN numbers, etc. for a more complete book listing. Compare and share lists with other researchers. See Myrt’s partial list of books owned as a sample page: . These are just the books I have here with me at Dad's house while I am careviging.

    Eventually, when I move to Salt Lake and can open those 75 boxes of books, I’ll work though getting them listed on this page. This also makes it easy for me to check at a bookstore to be sure I don’t already have a specific title, since this info does not live on my hard drive, but is part of the internet. It might also be a good resource for insurance purposes.
  • LULU - Print on demand publisher. This is where Myrt has published DearMYRTLE’s Joy of Genealogy.
  • MEEBO - Log in to AIM, Yahoo, MSN messenger or Google Talk, even if the computer you are using doesn’t have the software.
  • YAHOO LOCAL AOL once had something like this, but this is the more popular listing of local restaurants, shops, etc.
  • YOU TUBE No longer just the domain of free Pamela Anderson videos, this is a great place to put short subject video/audio clips.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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