Monday, June 25, 2007

NPR interview with Megan Smolenyak on DNA

Gosh, Ol’ Myrt prides herself in being on top of the news. However, I completely overlooked last week’s interview with one of genealogy’s favorite speakers.

Fortunately, we can thank
Genetic Genealogist blogger Blaine Bettinger, Ph. D. for this note:
“If you missed Ira Flatow’s interview with Megan Smolenyak on NPR’s Science Friday, you can download the podcast in a number of different formats at NPR. The interview is the result of this week’s big announcement that is teaming up with Sorenson Genomics to offer DNA testing. Great job Megan!”

Now PODCASTS (audio recording), dear readers, and VIDCASTS (audio/video recording) are becoming main stream information distribution methods in the world of online genealogy.

Generally speaking, you don’t need a high-speed internet connection to participate, because streaming technology facilitates listening to the beginning of the podcast or vidcast while the “rest of the story” is downloading to your computer.

If your computer is even a few years old, it already has the software to listen to podcasts and to view vidcasts.

One prominent genealogy podcaster tells me that vidcasts are a lot more fun to do. Who knows what the future holds? Technology marches on and it is interesting to note how helpful that technology has become to genealogists.

Happy family tree climbing!
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