Thursday, June 21, 2007

View microfilm before it's indexed

Scanned images freely offered to genealogists

Ol' Myrt has been wondering how will release the scanned images of its nearly 3 million rolls of microfilm. Would they wait until the records are fully processed through before making things available on the web? I surely hope not, because the ability to browse a microfilm page by page using a home computer would be convenient.

Until yesterday, my only option was to order the microfilm through my local LDS Family History Center. In fact, I just ordered everything I could find in the Family History Library Catalog for the locality of Wilmar, Minnesota. Now I’ll wait for the films to arrive from Salt Lake.

FamilySearchLabs made an interesting announcement via their blog:
Feed: FamilySearch Labs Blog
Posted on: Tuesday, June 19, 2007 1:09 PM
Author: Bill Mangum
Subject: Record Search

The Record Search Pilot is the newest tool for you to use at FamilySearch Labs.Three things you are able to do with this new tool:

1) Search for records that have been indexed and view the transcribed information
-- Social Security Death Index
-- US 1880 Census
-- Texas State Death
-- Ontario Death
-- ...

2) Search for records that have been indexed and view the original image and the transcribed information
-- US 1900 Census (AL, AZ, ID, UT)
-- Ohio State Death
-- Utah State Death
-- Ellis Island
-- ….

3) Find and view images that have not yet been indexed
-- 1930 Mexico Census
-- World War II Draft Cards
-- Durham Bishop Transcripts
-- US 1900 Census (states not yet indexed)

You will need to register before using Record Search and it can take a day or more to be activated once you have registered. Please remember to use Feedback in the product to tell us what works and what does not.

WHAT IS FamilySearchLabs?
Check 'em out at These are the creative folks that bring us Read their blog to find out what they are working on at the moment.
I have registered, but have not received my confirmation. Believe me, I will keep my DearREADERS informed.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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