Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Missouri Mormon War documents online

In preparation for the previous blog entry citing laudable Missouri records preservation efforts, Ol' Myrt stumbled across the Missouri State web page titled The Missouri Mormon War where we read:

“Within a few years, the migration and settlement of Latter-day Saints in frontier Missouri led to events that would earn Mormonism a painful place in Missouri history. The state’s “Old Settlers” (usually recent immigrants to the Missouri frontier themselves) characterized the Mormon settlers as fanatics whose clannish behavior made a mockery of republican institutions by placing power in the hands of a single man. The Mormons claimed that they had done nothing wrong, and were attacked for their religious beliefs. Violence broke out in 1833 as the “Old Settlers” under the guise of “extra-legal” justice took the law into their own hands."

Included in the collection are links for researchers such as Ol' Myrt who have early LDS pioneer ancestry:

While I did not have any known ancestors who were killed at Haun's Mill or elsewhere in Missouri, it is helpful to look at original documents that prompted the forced migration of many on my paternal side of the family tree. Historians will agree that second-hand reports are less reliable that original documents that have survived from the time period in question.

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