Monday, July 23, 2007

New Collection of Claims by Early American Citizens

New Collection of Claims by Early American Citizens

Columbia, Maryland – 23 July 2007 -- Archive CD Books USA announces the availability of a major new resource for those who are researching their early-American family histories. The “Digested Summary and Alphabetical List of Private Claims Which Have Been Presented to the House of Representatives” represents nearly one hundred years of claims by citizens of the United States to their government for reimbursement for property or expenses.

Referencing approximately 100,000 names, this unique collection spans the period 1789-1882 and includes petitions for a wide variety of personal reimbursements, most notably in relation to the acts of the government during the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican-American War, the Civil War, and various Indian engagements. Barbara Vines Little, Genealogical Consultant for Archive CD Books USA, noted that the collection contains claims for “restitution for property lost, damaged or destroyed due to government actions (or inaction); bounty land; land titles; patent extensions; payment for services rendered; and a myriad of other personal items that its citizens wanted the government to fix.”

“No claim was too large or too small,” said Ms Little. “One woman applied for relief for loss of husband in public service. Jonathan Painter, a black man wanted payment for services as a spy in 1812, and J.R. O’Bierne wanted part of the reward for capturing John Wilkes Booth.” Many of these claims never became law but, as Ms. Little explained, “they generated paper­paper that provides details about our ancestors. Locating your ancestor in one of these volumes will start you on a whole new adventure in your search for your ancestors.”

“There is no other known searchable source for this complete set of five volumes, including high-quality images of the original pages,” said Bob Velke, President of Archive CD Books USA. It is, therefore, a vast untapped resource for researchers of 18th and 19th century. “Best of all,” said Mr. Velke, "you can search all five volumes at once using advanced search capabilities which include single words or phrases, proximity searches, and Boolean (and/or) searches.”

For a limited time, this major new collection is available for the introductory price of just $19.97 which is 50% off the regular retail price of $39.95. For more information about “Digested Summary and Alphabetical List of Private Claims,” please visit:

About the company: Archive CD Books USA was founded in 2005 in order to make digital reproductions of old books available to family historians, to donate original publications to libraries and other institutions, and to cooperate with these repositories to preserve their existing collections for future generations. It is a member of the international Archive CD Books Project whose other affiliated companies digitize books from Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, and Australia.

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