Monday, August 13, 2007


From: SFontanel
As a result of your recent email, I signed up for the free trial of

That was four days ago. As of this writing, August 12, 2007, I have NOT been able to get online. As a matter of fact, a few minutes ago, I was informed to stop attempting to access site as would cause problems to my computer. My computer actually went out!

Bottomline: since I cannot reach and they have all my info, including credit card number. I would appreciate your notifying them to UNSUBSCRIBE me NOW. This is not the way I do business. As a result of your outstanding reputation, I felt would be the same but undoubtedly I was wrong!

I can only imagine that a recently-updated version of your antivirus software (or perhaps Windows Vista) is seeking your permission to visit a site that is not yet on your recommended or approved list of safe websites. That can be startling if you are not accustomed to seeing this message.

I assure you that is a valuable internet resource for serious historians and genealogists wishing to view, save, print and annotate scanned images of original historical documents.

As per your request, I sent a copy of this blog entry immediately to Please be advised that I have never heard of a problem with They have a better reputation than Ol' Myrt here – in that they have formed a partnership with the National Archives and Records Administration to digitize thousands of NARA documents for viewing on the web. Footnote’s contact number is 1-800-613-0181 though I am sure their staffing is light this week. My contacts in the offices at are on their way to the 2007 FGS (Federation of Genealogical) Conference in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. For instance:

Beau Sharbrough is currently senior director of content strategy and acquisition for, a division of iArchives, Inc. A former president of GENTECH, he founded the FGS and GENTECH websites, and the Lexicon Working Group. Beau writes regularly on technical topics in family history, and maintains the website. He will be speaking on:
Cool Society Websites
· Tips and Tricks for Internet Research
· Restoring Family Photos and Dick Eastman are presenting in the exhibit hall at the FGS conference in
booths 317, 319, and 321.

If you are unable to attend the FGS Conference and wish to experiment with Footnote, see if your local LDS Family History Center has activated its free access portal to this and other well-regarded websites. Read the notification about upcoming access at FamilySearch’s More Web Site Services. Affiliation with FamilySearch is also lends a note of credibility to Footnote.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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