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ACROSS MY DESK: 3 Aug 2007

Burial lists unearthed
Researcher has key to genealogy resources
By Tony Gonzalez, The Detroit News
3 Aug 2007

“Give researcher Garry Packard four weeks to comb through 21 types of records, including birth, wedding, military, tax and cemetery listings, and he may be able to fill a spot in the family tree -- perhaps that elusive great-great-grandmother's maiden name. For a $20 donation to the Plymouth Historical Museum, he'll try. "It's like a treasure hunt," Packard said. "You start out with very little information." Packard anchors the museum's archives department. Seven years in the making, an online database of the deceased buried in four Plymouth cemeteries debuted this summer.”

Slavery at root of family history
By Kim Thai, The Facts (Brazoria Co, Texas)
3 Aug 2007
“Carolyn Grovey-Brown, 58, remembers when she was a child walking through the home her great-grandfather built. Family pictures hang on the dark wooden walls of the long narrow hallway. She walks down the stretch, looking at the pictures and realizing there is a name, a story and history behind each face. She passes her grandfather’s bedroom that smells of liniment and orange peels. She looks outside and sees the back porch and a smoking room where her grandparents preserve vegetables. She thinks to herself that this property is more than a house. It is history. History important to not only her family, but to the area and to the memory of slavery.”

Platte County historian leads charge to save cemeteries
By Gene Hanson, KCCommunity News (Kansas City)
2 Aug 2007
“Shirley Kimsey sits in her makeshift office in the back of her store, once known to area shoppers as Shirley's Fashion Center. But her office is not the center of her life. It's the Shirley Family History Center in the back of the store on Platte City's historic square. If anyone wants a family history traced or information on the history of Platte County, Kimsey will show her talent as a tenacious and persevering researcher. She is a self-taught genealogist and historian. She has compiled six books totaling 1,215 pages covering the history of 210 cemeteries In Platte County. It took her 14 years to complete it. Strikingly vibrant, Kimsey, 77, can recite Platte County history interestingly and accurately without referring to the volumes of work she has written on the subject. She said her interest in cemetery history was triggered some years back when a lady from Winston-Salem, N.C., came to her asking for information on a cemetery near Manhattan, Kansas.”

Google Docs & Spreadsheets
By Dick Eastman, (blog)
2 Aug 2007

“A great online tool is available from Google, called Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Actually, this free program was called Writely until Google purchased the company that produces it and renamed the product. I've used it occasionally for several years, and I still call it Writely instead of the mouthful of words of Google Docs & Spreadsheets. This program can be especially useful for genealogists and others involved in collaborative writing.”

British Army WWI Pension Records, 1914-1920: Surnames C-Z Now Available
By Juliana Szucs, 24/7 Family History Circle (blog)
27 July 2007
“Today Ancestry posted release two of the British Army WWI Pension Records,1914-1920. This completes the Pension Record Collection with just over one million records now available. Samples of these records can be found on the release one announcement here on the blog. To learn more about the British Army WWI Pension Records, read Sherry Irvine’s article from April 2007.”

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