Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ancestry withdraws offensive database

Thanks to our friend Juliana Szucs Smith,’s blogger for reporting the Internet Biographical Collection is now officially removed from Ancestry. I think just saved itself the heartache of another a class-action lawsuit.

WOW! is thinking and responding to the incredible outpouring of negative response to the establishment of the “Internet Biographical Collection” with info culled from other websites and posted under an copyright. See DearMYRTLE’s Numbers, ranking &


A number of years ago Ol' Myrt was offered a web-bot service that would crawl behind most members-only genealogy database websites, in order to create a mega-database website of my own. I declined, because I feel…

Just because we have the technology doesn’t mean we should use it.

Let’s save our energy for worthwhile, honest pursuits.

My hat is off to The Generations Network (’s parent company) for wising up about the ill-advised process of taking content from other information providers and using it to add to & improve Ancestry’s ranking on the web. Bravo!

Special thanks to many readers who’ve responded to the thought of Ancestry pirating genealogy content from other websites. During the past few hours I’ve received perhaps 150 emails on the subject, including this from Don who writes:

“I, for one, will continue to “only” view your information thru you and not thru Ancestry. I have long contended that they are thieves in the general sense of the word. That may be a bit harsh in my wording, and I know it takes paid subscriptions to keep that site up and
growing, but
this latest bit seems very underhanded in a big way to me at gaining material when they didn’t even work for it. Almost like some family sites that take from others sites and post to theirs in what I describe as “gleaning” only to make their family history grow to as many names as they can without doing the hard researching work. I know of a site using my surname material and has done none of the research only taking from others. For that reaso,n I do not have a website of my own. Keep after them Myrt, Ancestry, to make it right!!!”

I think it took many writers/bloggers to get the word out to Amazing how the so-called silent majority can get things done when they put their collective minds to it.

Ancestry has essential databases and scanned image collections to help you identify ancestors and add to your family tree. However, no one website call be all things to all people. I pray that Ancestry will continue to do a good job with the info they have, and leave the work of others alone.

There is a significant GREAT thing IS doing right. is hosting a free WEBINAR (an online seminar). VERY cool! It will be held tonight – in about 45 mintues. See 24/7 Family History Circle Blog’s Webinar to Teach Ancestry Search Techniques . The event will feature Suzanne Adams — Accredited Genealogist, specializing in Italian research. The blog explains “She is a Brigham Young University graduate with degrees in sociology and family history/genealogy. Suzanne currently works as the Professional Services Desk Manager for, part of The Generations Network (formerly, Inc.) and previously worked in both Electronic Production and Content Acquisition for more than eight years at”

I have registered for this event and am excited to attend. Ol' Myrt here is always looking for additional genealogical research training.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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  1. I wrote Mundia last night, ropable that on a simple search Google I saw my G Mother, my Dad & myself in snapshot entry to a site called Mundia. The site was free!!! And in beta!!! I was v. angry ancestry could offer for free my research & family pics, I pay $400 Aus each year,... barely able to scape up each time.

    I wrote to the site & it bounced back at me this morning.