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Courthouse video: a picture is worth a thousand TEARS

UPDATE: states: The URL you gave for the Tuscaloosa News video of the county courthouse records did not work for me. I went to the newspaper website, did a search, and found the video (perhaps it got changed to a new page). Below is the full link, and underneath that is the Tiny URL link.

or try

Thanks for highlighting this story!

We’ve been following the saga of the grassroots preservation efforts supporting the Tuscaloosa County, Alabama courthouse records. THANKS to Mike Sullivan for this update including a link to the video that broadcasts on the local website, a New York Times Regional Media Group member. Mike explains:

“There was a meeting in the courthouse attic on the 1st of August with representatives of the Tuscaloosa Preservation Society, Friends of Historic Northport, Tuscaloosa Genealogical Society (both Morning and Night Groups) and the Tuscaloosa News.

The ADAH (Alabama Department of Archives & History) called last week and said they could not make it, so I heard the meeting had been canceled. Because of the people who did come, I'm glad I came anyway and was able to answer a few questions for them.

Although the Circuit Court Clerk, assuming the meeting was canceled, had gone on vacation, her office allowed those present to tour the 7th floor. During the roughly one hour tour, there was a 1826 volume found. Think of what might be found during an actual inventory, which I am urging all concerned to take immediately.

This less-than- two-minute clip is an edited version of raw, unrehearsed footage. Please do not watch me but look at the back ground to see the rotting records on bare wood shelves and piles of old records sitting on concrete floors in front of windows exposed to direct sunlight.”

1. Go to:

2. Click the “Play” button on the video labeled “Tuscaloosa County” with details that read: "Mike Sullivan, a citizen interested in historical preservation, walks through the Tuscaloosa County Courthouse seventh floor."

3. WARNING, this video of deteriorating courthouse records is not for the faint of heart.

If you can offer support, or would like to consult with Mike for ways to provide similar support to your local courthouse, contact him at:

Mike reminds Ol' Myrt that folks must not assume their historic records are being properly maintained. Weneed to go and check on them and if there are problems, do something about it. - BRAVO.

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