Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Coweta Georgia fire closes genealogy collection

Fortunately records were saved

Seven years ago, Ol' Myrt wrote about a marvelous book Coweta County Chronicles for 100 Years with an account of the Indians from whom the land was acquired & some historical papers… compiled circa 1928 by Mary G. Jones & Lilly Reynolds.

Now it appears that family history research in Coweta County, Georgia will be hampered for a period of time owing to a fire reported in the local The Times-Herald this morning:

Fire closes genealogical center
By ALEX McRAE alex@newnan.com
“Invaluable historical and family records escaped damage and destruction Saturday night when a small fire broke out at the Coweta County Genealogical Society research center in Grantville. The office is in the old passenger train depot and is stacked wall-to-wall with family histories, records, research materials and documents that have helped generations of Cowetans and out-of-town visitors trace their family roots.

Firefighters knew what was at stake and took extra care when attacking the fire, according to Coweta County Deputy Fire Chief Jay Jones. "We always take care to try and salvage what we can at any fire," Jones said. "We can't know what's in every home, but our people knew what was in that building and knew the importance of trying to protect it. We always try and keep everybody's best interest in mind. Our guys know the area and they knew what to do."

The fire was reported just after 8 p.m. Saturday. The first firefighters on the scene discovered a small fire in the wall of the historic structure and additional units were dispatched. Firefighters on the scene were instructed to take special care to minimize damage to documents.

Phil Herrington, president of the Genealogical Society, was at the building Sunday and said while there is a smell of smoke in the building, no documents sustained damage. The building will be closed until a damage assessment can be made and any necessary repairs are completed, Herrington said.”

Good luck to our friends during the recovery process.

Happy family tree climbing!
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