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DearMYRTLE’s Family History Hour 14 Aug 2007

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Cecil Wendt Jensen, CG
, author and editor of several books of interest to Polish American researchers. Cecil, daughter of Elzbeta Przytulska, is devoted to dispelling the myths that Polish records were destroyed during the wars and the language barrier makes research too difficult.

Using the techniques she once used with her high school students and in her own family research, she is completing a "how to" book on Polish genealogy. "Sto Lat" highlights the techniques she employed to find the ancestral villages of her grandparents who hailed from Prussia, Russian Poland and Austrian Poland (aka Galicia).

After a thirty year career in education she transitioned to professional genealogy in 1998. She is a Certified Genealogist (CG) and maintains a website "Michigan Polonia". Contact her via email: Cecil’s books include:

MightyMouse TOUR


  • Wiki Polish Americans
  • Polish Partitions
  • Polish Genealogical Society of America
  • Hoffman's Books
  • Polish Surnames: Origins and Meanings, Second Edition by William F. Hoffman “The first half consists of 12 chapters explaining the origins and meanings of Polish surnames. The second half is an index of some 30,000 common surnames, organized by the roots they came from, with indication of how many Polish citizens bore each name as of 1990. Published 1997, 592 typeset pp. (xii + 580), perfect bound, paperback, 6 x 9". US $25.00
  • First Names of the Polish Commonwealth: Origins & Meanings by William F. Hoffman and George W. Helon. “This book is a collaboration between William F. Hoffman, the author of Polish Surnames: Origins and Meanings, and George W. Helon, former president of the Polish Genealogical Society of Australia; which provides information on thousands of first names encountered during the course of researching ancestors who came from any part of the old Polish Commonwealth. It includes names of Czech, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Latin, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, and Yiddish origin. When relevant, it also gives the equivalent forms of names in most of those languages, e. g., Polish Piotr = English Peter = Latin Petrus = Russian Hemp, etc. An introduction and three chapters of historical and linguistic background are followed by a 300-page list of names. Appendices include charts with information on the Polish, ancient Greek, ancient Hebrew, Russian Cyrillic, and Ukrainian Cyrillic alphabets, as they apply to name derivation and usage, as well as a list of Cyrillic forms of common Jewish first names. The format is soft-cover, 6 x 9 inches, perfect bound, vi + 426 pages, ISBN 0-924207-06-X; cover design by Lisa Terlecki.” US $20.00
  • Discovering Roots, Kasia Grycza
  • Poznan Project Lukasz Bielecki
  • Kartenmeister
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